4x4 Galaxy is a space exploration game with 16 planets that are different every playthrough thanks to procedurally generated content. Discover new worlds, battle space pirates and strange beasts, sell goods, explore abandoned mines, go on quests, buy equipment and upgrade your starship; gain enough power to complete your main objective, which is also procedurally generated!

4x4 Galaxy debuted in the 2020 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive fiction.

4x4 Galaxy on the IFDB: https://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=dz630p4mn3mb9g58


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At first I thought the only procedural generation is about the layout and nature of planets in the game universe, but there is clearly much more to discover. The game seems really well thought out(despite being easy to get into). There are different starting characters with different goals and the game rewards experimentation and learning by death(which usually detracts me from playing further, but here it works more like in roguelike games, where I just want to try again). It's not long(especially when you die) and can be enjoyed as a coffee break game. I highly recommend this game.