Five Scarabs is a tiny adventure game I made to test a verb-based interface in Twine. Find a way to escape Professor Bennett's Egyptian Room!

Estimated playtime: 5-10 minutes

Five Scarabs on the IFDB:

GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withTwine
TagsShort, Text based, Twine


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Very interesting!
I am just looking for an Opportunity to generate "old-Style" / "Zork-linke" Textadventures with a little bit of Room orientation - and a way to "simulate" the Text-Interpreters of the classical Text-adventures: look, go, take, use ...

Itś very phantasstic how you manage it :-)

But: How did you programm it?

With Variables? I can imagine - but I am not very experiences with twine, until now i just used the "flat" Options of different Story-Lines with "normal Links" 

I work with young people in an open Learning-Center in Hannover in open media and sorytelling projects ....

For example in Making Projects

... in "former times" i worked  a little bit with hypertext and hyperfiction :

.. mostly in germnan, only a very few texts are translated into english:



Thanks a lot for your inspiration!

If you like, a can send you an invitation for an collection of links about some programming features in twine: condiional links, variables ... an so on, which might be interesting for this style of text-adventures!

(therefore i would need your email adress)

Best wishes, Heiko Idensen


Loved it! Very clever!