You wander around in darkness – even though the lights are on.

Sandra is the only one to survive a mysterious attack on a deep space mining station. She is alive, but has lost her vision. Now Sandra must navigate the dangerous, damaged facility and overcome many obstacles, using her wits and the help of Odys, the artificial intelligence.

Lux is a Twine game with multiple locations, puzzles and an inventory system. Estimated playtime: 2-4 hours.

Lux was first published as part of the 24th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition, in which it placed 10th.

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I'm stuck at the lift, missing a fuse. I swear I've looked everywhere and I have no idea what to do now. It's been two days, so any help or tips is great.

Hi! Did you check the walkthrough in the download section? It lists where to find the two fuses.

I found the assets if that's what you mean, but they don't make much sense to me 

Sorry, are we talking about the "Lux walthrough" file? It's very simplistic, but it does take you through every step required to complete the game.

I'm not sure which fuse(s) you're missing, so quoting all relevant parts from the file (easiest to find by ctrl+f "fuse"):

SECTION III of the station:

-Go south-east, then through the western door to the lumber room. Check the parts on the table and pick up the fuse.

-On the docking module platform, check the note on the wall. Then, examine the filling station.

Examine the control panel. First, open its cover and take the fuse.

-In the lift room, examine the fuse box and place the two fuses (you need to choose them one by one from your inventory).

Once the fuses are placed, program the cart to go down in the lift, then go to the lift and go down yourself.

And later, in SECTION II:

-Time to look for some fuses again. Go to the starting room of section II (south, through the lock, then through the eastern lock, east and through the eastern door). Remove fuses from the lift control panel. Return to the lift to section I (through the western door, west, through the lock, through the northern lock and north). Select a fuse from the inventory and install it in the lift control box; do the

same for the other fuse. Finally, take lift to section I.

Did that help you get unstuck? There's also the possibility of a bug, if the fuses aren't to be found in places listed, but I'd say it's unlikely at this point.


It sure did help! I also realize now what you meant—i previously wasn't paying attention in the downloads when I got the game and thought you meant it would be in the files I already had. Lol, oops. 

Turns out I didn't realize I had to examine the card first for the docking station accsess. 

Thanks for the help!

Cool, glad to help!

I played some of it online and I like it so far, but when I tried to download it I only got the Polish version. Can the English version be posted as well? 

Sure - I added a downloadable .zip of the English version.

Awesome, thank you!

This is one of the best narrative horror games I have ever played. 10/10 will recommend to others.  Only thing I really missed was not being able to figure out why Odys chose to make up Ulysses as the book on Sasha's bed. Or if Odys' (or the company's) name is related.

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked the game!

As for the book - Ulysses is the Latin variant of  Odys(seus), so this is simply a small joke which doesn't affect the story in any way (though I guess it's possible Odys would make this joke himself).

Having trouble playing this.  It won't load at all on desktop Chrome or Firefox, and on my phone I can't get past the chessboard puzzle.  I get what looks like code [[A(pipe)selrow][$column to "A"]] as options, and can't click on any of them.  Any advice?

Sorry to hear you're having trouble playing the game! I fixed the issue with the code (it was caused by some extra spaces). As for the game not working for you on desktop - do you have cookies enabled in your browser? That's the only thing I can think of - Twine games won't work when cookies are disabled.

Hope that helps!

Before I saw your post, I actually went and played the original competition entry at the IF Archive, and now I know the chessboard puzzle is optional.  I finished the game -- it's a lot of fun so thanks for all your hard work!

Glad you liked it! And thanks for reporting the bug, so I could fix it for other players :)

Hey this was a nice job. Good work, even went to so far to draw the plan of the station (Only point I was hang up was to realize I had to open the reactor door via Keycard). Only one small idea to improve it, is to add some soundtrack. I drew up some ambient lost in space music and it just add a lot more to the atmosphere.